February 14, 2023

SHOT Show 2023 was an overwhelming success for Accufire Technology. From the opening morning at Range Day to the closing bell on Friday, Team Accufire had an incredible show. We were able to spend time with some of our favorite industry partners and forge new relationships that will be very exciting moving forward. 

Industry Day at the Range was cold, windy, and rainy.

It was not an optimal day for precision shooting or business conversations, but we still had a great day at the range. The team was able to meet with several industry bloggers and media outlets. As those posts and interviews are published we will link them here.

Visitors to the booth were able to see Omnis Digital Spotting Scope in its natural habitat, spotting targets and watching bullet trace. The Accufire ATRO 20 rifle scope paired with the Delta 5 Pro in 6.5 Creedmoor from Daniel Defense put shooters on target consistently at 950 and 1100 yards. With our very own Josh Cavalier on the Omnis spotting scope making corrections, many visitors to our booth made shots well beyond anything they had previously attempted. 

We had a great day in our booth, set up next to the team from CADEX Defense and the instructors from Rob Furlong’s Marksman Academy, including the man himself, Mr. Rob Furlong. If you have not seen their .375 EnABLR platform, do yourself a favor and go check it out. The weather was gross, but the people were awesome and Range Day was a success.

Day 1 of the Show set the tone for the rest of the week

The Accufire booth had constant traffic from opening to closing. Industry partners, media, and  general attendees kept us busy. We were able to reconnect with long-time friends and partners as well as develop new relationships that will drive the company forward. People that were familiar with the brand were able to come see our newest products and newcomers to our company were able to get a hands-on introduction and ask questions of the team.

SHOT Show is well known for the give aways and promotional items at most booths. One of the biggest draws to our booth throughout the week was our SHOT Show 2023 patch, the “Tactical Dough Boy.” Modeled after everybody’s favorite biscuit man, the Tactical Dough Boy patch was, in our humble opinion, the hottest patch of this year’s show. Thank you to everyone who came by to grab one. Next year we will have to double or triple the number of patches we bring. The other big attraction to the booth was the airsoft shoot house. We released our new red dots the PCO and QSO at the show this year and we wanted people to have the opportunity to experience the optics  and get a feel for them in action.

Participants ran the course with the Umarex Airgun model of the HK 416 and the Salient Arms EMG/SAI BLU pistol equipped with our optics. Our friends at Wilder Tactical hooked us up with their Urban Defender Belts and magazine pouches from their Urban Defender and Evolution lines. Safariland provided the Cantable Universal Belt Loop attachment platform, topped off with Centurion Holsters from Tier One Concealed.

The end result was a realistic shooting experience in the middle of the show room floor.

The fastest times were displayed on the leaderboard at the booth and gave bragging rights to the folks who were fast and accurate. The other new release at SHOT Show 2023 was our Incendis Pro thermal scope. It has an upgraded 640 core processor, expanded color palettes, and internal recording. The Incendis Pro was a crowd favorite. Its predecessor, the Incendis thermal clip on, was recently featured in the Amazon Prime Series “The Terminal List” and you can read all about that here. For those of you familiar with the Terminal List franchise you know that author Jack Carr’s logo, and the central icon of the show, is the crossed Winkler Tomahawks that James Reece uses on his quest for vengeance. We were fortunate enough to get our hands on a pair of these famous blades and display them in our booth. Daniel Winkler, owner of Winkler Knives and the craftsman behind the blades, stopped by the booth to say hello and take pictures with some fans. 

Throughout the rest of the show we got to hang out at the Accufire booth with some of our favorite celebrities and industry personalities. Orin Julie the “Queen of Guns” was at the booth all week taking pictures with fans and introducing visitors to our new products. Brandon Herrera and Donut Operator stopped by for a meet and greet. People loved to see those guys and it was fun getting to know them. We would like to thank Taran Butler and Tetiana Gaidar for spending time at the booth, taking a look at our products, and taking pictures with fans. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu royalty and UFC Legend  Royce Gracie popped in for a few minutes, which was a special experience for the Jiu Jitsu fans at the booth. UFC Hall of Famers Chuck Liddell and Dan Henderson, former UFC Champion Luke Rockhold, as well as “Criminal Minds” actor Joe Mantegna came by the booth and it was an absolute pleasure getting to meet them and introduce them to our products. Don’t let Chuck fool you though, he comes across as a really nice guy, but they don’t call him “Iceman” for nothing. 

As an optics company our products are designed to be used with firearms. Optics can be displayed without firearms, and many companies choose to do it that way. At Accufire though, we believe that the best representation of our products is to mount them on functioning platforms that allow the prospective customer to get an accurate feel of the optics. We have partnerships with a number of manufacturers who provide us with rifles and pistols to demo our optics. Our display this year was made possible by Triarc Systems, Cobalt Kinetics, Louthan Gunworks, Daniel Defense, Umarex Air Guns, and Salient Arms International. Also Thanks to Shadow Systems for using our new PCO on their pistols both at Range day and in their booth.

SHOT Show 2023 was one for the history books

We had a great time, met a lot of wonderful people, and got to highlight our products to industry professionals and enthusiasts. Thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth. Without our customers we are nothing, and it was awesome getting to interact with everyone in person. We appreciate the support, and stay tuned for the next big things from Accufire Technology.

Accufire, Advancing Accuracy.

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