The OMNIS Digital Spotting Scope

August 15, 2023

Any time that we get the opportunity to showcase our products to the industry or to potential customers, there is one clear winner in terms of popularity. The OMNIS Digital Spotting Scope can easily be considered the flagship product of the Accufire inventory. Each of our other products has a direct competitor in the market. We are but one of many companies that manufacture and sell quality traditional, Infrared, and thermal optics.

Accufire is the only company offering a product like the OMNIS Digital Spotting Scope

We are however, the only company offering a product like the OMNIS Spotting Scope. If you are not familiar with the OMNIS scope then this next section will serve as a good introduction, if you are familiar with the OMNIS Digital Spotting Scope then you might pick up something that you did not know.

The OMNIS Digital Spotting scope is a 30x-120x spotting scope that combines 10x manual magnification with up to 12x digital magnification to provide the end user with unparalleled capabilities. The OMNIS scope can be operated for up to four hours with the four rechargeable CR123a batteries included with your purchase, or with an external power bank through the USBc port. The OMNIS Spotting Scope is equipped with an ARCA-Swiss Quick Release rail, making it compatible with many high-end tripod systems.

Using the on-board wifi network, the OMNIS spotting scope can connect to any Apple or Android device up to 60 feet away via the Accufire App, allowing the user to control many of the key functions of the scope with a linked device. The 2.9 inch OLED screen allows the user to view the magnified image without looking through a lens. The OMNIS records pictures and video to its internal 32g microSD card. Each of Accufire’s proprietary reticles are pre-loaded in the OMNIS scope to provide the shooter and spotter a shared reference. The OMNIS Digital Spotting Scope has manual focus, a top mounted picatinny rail, and comes with a 3 year warranty.

Ok, enough with the technical stuff, what can the OMNIS scope do?

My favorite part of the job is talking to customers about how they use our products, and the OMNIS Digital Spotting Scope is by far the most versatile. Ultimately the OMNIS was designed to take far away images, make them look closer, and record those images for later use. Our customers have taken those capabilities and applied them to a wide array of activities.

Precision marksmanship:

Precision marksmanship is one area that has benefited greatly from using the OMNIS Digital Spotting Scope. The scope allows spotters to assess atmospherics, get on target, make a call, and spot for impact more efficiently than ever before. One of the coolest things that the OMNIS digital scope can do is record bullet trace. With the right alignment relative to the flight path of the projectile it is possible to watch the disruption in air density resulting from the movement of the bullet through the air. Experienced shooters will immediately recognize the tell-tale “ripple” caused by the bullet, but even a novice can see it when told what to look for.

The omnis scope allows a shooter to record their shots and see the flight path via the trace in the playback. The marksmanship instructors I have talked to have said that the ability to show their students how their bullets react to atmospheric conditions in flight is a game changer. It is much easier to conceptualize elevation and windage holds when you can see the effect of those adjustments in real time. I spoke to another shooter who sets his OMNIS scope up when he goes to the range and links it to an ipad. He sets up the OMNIS Digital Spotting Scope on a tripod over his shoulder and puts the ipad offset in front of him on the bench so that he can see his target without having to get up and check the spotting scope.

There are lots of recreational shooters, competitors, and professional instructors using the OMNIS scope at the range, but the true test of the OMNIS’s capabilities comes from the Law Enforcement sector. There are a number of state and federal agencies that use the OMNIS Digital Spotting Scope every day. Game Wardens, Sheriffs, city departments, and investigators all put the OMNIS scope into the field and we have gotten some outstanding feedback.

By far the most incredible story came from an agency in Texas, who said that they were able to read a license plate at a distance of over one mile. We have not set up a test for independent confirmation, but if that figure is accurate it just goes to show how truly capable the OMNIS really is.

The OMNIS Digital Spotting Scope can easily read playing cards at 350 yards

I can confirm that the OMNIS scope can easily read playing cards at 350 yards, I have seen pictures taken of clearly readable words on water towers at over 10 miles, and at SHOT Show Range Day we were spotting impacts on a target at 1250 yards. The ability for agencies to gather intelligence, evidence, or situational awareness from great distances and share it with relevant parties is a force multiplier. 

As a hunter, what I appreciate the most about the OMNIS spotting scope is that it saves my eyes. Like many of you, I have spent many hours glassing for game animals. Transitioning from binoculars to a spotting scope, trying to get the same sight picture through each, and straining my eyes looking through the lens. The OMNIS scope allows me to get a close up look at my quarry on whatever size screen I feel like carrying into the field. One hunter I talked to said that he uses it in the deer stand when he hunts with his kids. The zoom allows him to point out details about the deer to his kids so that he can teach them about what to look for when selecting animals to harvest.

By far the most unique feedback we got is that there is a conservation group using the OMNIS spotting scope to observe nesting condors. They set the scopes up and record the birds and their hatchlings for conservation research. The possibilities are endless.

The OMNIS Spotting Scope is tough, user friendly and versatile

Regardless of what you are interested in, if any part of your hobby, profession, or pursuit involves looking at far away objects, you need to try the OMNIS Digital Spotting Scope. It is tough, user friendly, and versatile. You will be hard pressed to find another product that combines all of the features of the OMNIS Spotting Scope in the same compact size and a competitive price point. And don’t forget the bag, custom made for us by Savior Equipment.

Accufire Technology is a firearm optics manufacturer that offers professional quality optics at an affordable price. All our product designs undergo stringent testing at the highest levels of scrutiny by over 50 industry experts. We offer optics with a vast selection of unique, high-quality features, including: digital spotting scopes, thermal clip ons, thermal rifle optics, night vision scopes, and red dot sights. Our firearm accessories advance accuracy for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, law enforcement, military, and more! 

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