Night Vision Scopes

Accufire’s line of night vision scope solutions features digital infrared optics of the highest quality. All our products are suitable for both your nighttime and daytime hunts. Our night vision scope products record audio and video with HD quality to stream or share your hunts later! With smart range finding and recallable ballistic present, you will be sure to shoot true on your next hunt.


Noctis TR1 Night Vision Scope

The Noctis TR1 is everything you want in a night vision scope: a user-friendly menu, day/night capability, industry-standard recoil rating, and HD recording and streaming options. By using the silhouette of a traditional magnified optic, the TR1 is able to utilize any standard 30mm scope rings.


Noctis V1 Magnification Night Vision Scope

 The Noctis V1 is our day/night capable night vision scope with a 2.9 inch OLED screen. It can store up to six unique profiles, allowing the user to swap the V1 easily between different weapon systems.