Noctis TR1 Night Vision Scope


The Accufire Noctis TR1 is a compact digital night vision scope with traditional mounting options. Its user-friendly interface allows shooters of all experience levels to use the TR1 to its full potential.

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Noctis TR1 Night Vision Scope: The Noctis TR1 is everything you want in a night vision scope: a user-friendly menu, day/night capability, industry standard recoil rating, and HD recording and streaming options. By using the silhouette of a traditional magnified optic, the TR1 is able to utilize any standard 30mm scope rings. The TR1 can store up to six unique firearm profiles, and when paired with Quick Detatch and Return to Zero mounts, allows the user to move the TR1 easily between multiple platforms. Once zeroed, the TR1 uses programmed ballistic solutions which allow you to dial the elevation based on your distance and bullet drop. The recoil rating, which allows the TR1 to be used on any semi auto weapon up to .308 or equivalent and the HD recording and streaming options make it a night hunter’s dream. Instead of trying to get your buddies to believe your story about the awesome shot you put on that big boar, with the TR1 you can let them watch it from your POV. This scope uses an internal lithium ion battery for a 10 hour run time and comes standard with our IR300 Illuminator. Own the night, grab yourself a TR1.