Red Dot Sight

Big bangs can come in small packages. A spicy red dot sight is a power multiplier for your precision game.


PCO-m: Micro Pistol Red Dot Sight

Big bang, small package… you get the idea. This is the powerhouse little brother in our red dot sight line up.


PCO-S: Solar Pistol Red Dot Sight

A punchy red dot sight, the Pistol Combat Optic-Solar, or PCO-S, is everything you love about the PCO, plus solar back up.


PCO: Pistol Red Dot Sight

The spiciest red dot sight on the market. 20,000-hour battery life, 3 MOA dot, generous window. Pistol Combat Optic, or PCO.


QSO: Quick Standard Optic – Red Dot Sight

Quick and easy from our line red dot sight solutions.  A rifle optic for the everyday gunfighter.

Red dot sight - power-charge your hunting experience.
Red and Spicy - The Red Dot Sight