Florida State’s Action Shooting Team Loves the Accufire Red Dot Sight

September 6, 2023

How fast are you with a red dot sight? Fast enough to make the team at Florida State? Accufire works with a limited number of collegiate shooting teams, and the FSU Action Shooting Team, or FAST, was one of the first. Originally founded in 2012 as the Rifle Association at Florida State University, the group re-branded in 2017 to encompass a wider array of action shooting events. Each year the team has close to forty members, including a dozen or so serious competition shooters. They travel all over the country, though primarily in the south, to compete against the best in the game. They sharpen their skills all year in preparation for the Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) National Match in Talladega, Alabama.

They are a diverse group of college students, brought together by their love of shooting sports. Their members are majoring in everything from Cyber-Criminology to business to Pre-med. This years officers include President Josh Canevari, Vice President Bowdi Miller, Treasurer Laith Rukab, Marketing Officer Jake Tyler, and Safety/Travel Officer James Hollinger. 

The team competes in a variety of disciplines including Rimfire Pistol and Rifle, in both the iron sight and red dot optic divisions for each weapon class. FAST runs Accufire red dot sights on all their competition firearms. They use our Pistol Combat Optic- Solar (PCO-S red dot sight) on their Volquartsen Arms Black Mamba. The clear, crisp dot and wide viewing window make it the perfect competition red dot sight. For the rifle division they use our Quick Standard Optic on a Faxon Firearms FX22. The clear window and picatinny high mount on the QSO red dot sight give competitors the edge for quick target acquisition and transitions. This year the team plans to use our PCO line of red dot sights for 9mm pistols as well.

In the 2022-2023  season, FAST had a good run. They battled hard throughout the competition year, dealt with some adversity and unpredictable weather, and wound up on top. At the 2022 SASP National Championship, FAST placed First in Rim Fire Pistol sights, and Second in both the Rim Fire Rifle Optic and Rim Fire Pistol Iron Sight divisions. They are hopeful to repeat their successes and walk away with a few more podium topping performances.

Why does FAST use a red dot sihght by Accufire?

Simply put: they trust our products. For competitive shooters, durability and reliability are a must. The shooters of FAST know that when they mount an Accufire red dot sight to their race guns, they are getting both. Those shooters know that when they pick up that weapon and step to the line, they are going to get the same performance from our best pistol red dot sights time after time. 

FAST has a full calendar this year. They will be on the road most weekends, all over Florida, Alabama, and Georgia mostly. When they are home you might catch them at a ball game, but you stand a better chance of finding them at the range. Practice makes perfect, and that is what FAST strives to be.

Accufire is proud to partner with the FSU Action Shooting Team. Stay tuned for updates from team!

Accufire, Advancing Accuracy

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