Accufire Technology’s products are advancing accuracy for shooters ranging from hunters to special operators. We produce a full range of superior optics technology, including traditional FFP optics with CQB-Comp recitals, advanced day/night digital optics, and full-featured thermal optics with the most advanced chipset on the market.

Prospectis ATRO-20

Prospectis ATRO-20

The Prospectis ATRO-20 gives you everything you need for almost any situation. 

Prospectis Acro 8

Prospectis ATRO-8

The ATRO-8 is Accufire’s glimpse into the perfect scope for competitors.

Prospectis EVRO-12

The Prospectis EVRO-12 hunting scope goes far beyond your dad’s 3×9-40!

Prospectis EVRO-6

At just under 1.1 pounds, the Prospectis EVRO-6 is Accufire’s offering for those who want fast acquisition and ease of use.

Incendis Thermal


As a hunter, you can use the Incendis Thermal as a stand-alone optic or forward-mounted in front of your favorite glass. Emergency response professionals and special operators use the Incedis for search and rescue and a hand-held tracking device. 

Noctis TR1

Noctis TR1

Accufires’ Noctis TR1 is a compact digital night vision scope with traditional mounting options that allow the end-user to use Accufire’s built-in technology fully. 

Noctis V1

Noctis V1

The Noctis V1, a 3.8-23x magnification digital rifle scope with an ultra-bright screen for day use and HD quality night vision.

Accu-Zombie Holographic Sticker

Accu-Zombie Holographic Vinyl Sticker

Accu-Zombie Sticker

Accu-Zombie Vinyl Sticker

Accu-Bear Sticker

Accu-Bear Vinyl Sticker

OMNIS Spotting Scope

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