The Terminal List – Featuring the Incendis Thermal Optic

October 7, 2022

If you are a fan of action novels or the Incendis thermal optic,  this article is for you.

Like many of you, I am an avid consumer of thriller novels.  As a teen I was introduced to the world of spies and assassins by Ludlum, Clancy, and Fleming. Through the years I have expanded my library to include Le Carre, Flynn, Thor, Taylor, Silva, Morell and others. The idea of the “rough man, ready to do violence” has resonated with audiences for decades and many readers have spent their nights with a favorite beverage in one hand, and a favorite novel in the other. However, like many of you, I don’t usually slow down long enough to enjoy hard copy books that often, so most of my “reading” is actually listening. I am not sure how many audiobooks I have finished at this point, but it’s probably over a hundred. Most of those are one time listens, I enjoy the story and move on. There are a few books though, that I keep coming back to, usually “re-reading” the previous book in a series just before the newest addition is published. One of the books I keep coming back to is “The Terminal List.”

Over the last year I’ve been following along with production updates on social media to see one of my favorite books adapted for the small screen. “The Terminal List” is author Jack Carr’s debut novel. This book has it all: conspiracy, betrayal, revenge… and lots of Gucci kit. In addition to the action, the book reads like a “who’s who” of the tactical industry with very specific and recurring references to firearm companies, gear manufacturers, and knife makers. Most of that translated into the television series, with a few notable changes. One thing that television production absolutely could not alter was the Winkler Tomahawk that protagonist James Reece carries on his quest for vengeance. If you have not seen the series yet, just know that the tomahawk is present and well represented. There were also a few pieces of gear added to the screen adaptation that weren’t in the book, due to some major plot tweaks for the TV series. The Accufire Incendis was one of those additions and we are pretty pleased with how it turned out.


If you haven’t seen the series or read the books and don’t want to spoil the ending, stop reading here. Our Incendis thermal optic was used in the on screen version and you should check it out at along with our full line of magnified optics.

Ok, I did my diligence, if you are still reading you have either seen/read Terminal List, or just don’t care. 

In his final assault on the SECDEFs mansion, Reece makes his way from the beach, past the Talos security team, into the main house. The camera work is fast but you get several solid glimpses of the profile of the Incendis thermal optic mounted on his rifle. Reece then uses smoke grenades to obscure a hallway and employs the thermal optic to see through the smoke and give him a relative advantage over his adversaries. We see Reece use the Incendis in its most versatile configuration: as a clip on attached forward of a permanently mounted optic. In this scene Reece is running the HK 416 with a Vortex AMG UH-1. He is using the “Red” setting on the Incendis, a hybrid of the traditional “white hot.” This setting further stratifies the hottest objects in your field of view by shading them red against the grayscale background. The viewer gets to look through the thermal optic to see what Reece is seeing: glowing red heat signatures in the midst of smoke and chaos. The images you see are from actual footage shot through the Incendis which showcases the clarity and reliability of the product.

It was awesome to see one of our thermal optics at work in the hands of an operator like James Reece.  We take pride in our products and we enjoyed getting to see one used in “The Terminal List”. The whole team at Accufire is involved in Research and Development, and we all use and abuse our products to ensure that the customer gets the best quality, most reliable equipment available. From the “C suite” guys down to the author of this article, everyone has a hand in testing products. We want to ensure that users of all skill levels get what they need across a variety of applications.

I’m no operator, but I use the Incendis thermal optic almost daily as a ranch manager. A thermal optic is a tremendous time saver when looking for cattle, especially at night or in inclement weather. The Incendis thermal optic is also an absolute game changer when it comes to predator control. Feral pigs, coyotes, or skunks, nothing can hide from a properly employed thermal optic. The versatility of the Incendis makes it an easy choice for my line of work. Though it can be used as a standalone system, the true value of the Incendis is in its capability as a forward mounted clip on thermal optic that can be switched from weapon to weapon, depending on the situation. Sometimes I want to get in relatively close and use a .450 Bushmaster to stop a big boar in his tracks. Other times I need to reach out and touch a coyote with a .308 or .243. The Accufire Incendis thermal optic mounts to most standard rail systems and gives the user an invaluable advantage. Thermal optics have been used for years in Search and Rescue situations and can be employed on wildfires to detect small spot fires and hot spots that may not be visible to the naked eye. 

Take a look at the Incendis thermal optic, if you would like any additional information, give us a call or shoot us an email, we would be happy to answer any questions and help determine what optic is right for you. 


Accufire, Advancing Accuracy.  The Incendis thermal optic on is not our only star, check out our red dot sights, night vision and rifle scopes.

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