Margaritas, Mag Changes, and Molly Ringwald: The Accufire Team Has a Blast at Cinco de Plinko

May 22, 2023

Accufire at Cindo de Plinko means – Margaritas, Mag changes, and Molly Ringwald

Hair Metal Bands, Glasnost and Perestroika, Tom Selleck’s Mustache. The 1980s were a wild time to be alive. Those that lived through the decade of Regan, the Challenger Disaster, and parachute pants were witness to world changing historical events and some absolutely epic on screen entertainment. Top Gun, Conan, Die Hard, Pretty in Pink, so many instant classics that have stood the test of time. That decade of entertainment excellence has inspired subsequent generations to carry the torch, and pay tribute to the greatness of 80s movies.

While the rest of America was drinking margaritas and celebrating another holiday they don’t fully understand, Team Accufire was tearing up the targets at the 2023 Cinco de Plinko match hosted by the Mansfield Police Department Shooting Team. The event is run as a United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) match. This year’s theme? That’s right: 80’s action movies. Each stage of the match was inspired by, and named after, a 1980’s film. Back to the Future, Top Gun, Blade Runner, Lethal Weapon, Ghostbusters, and Full Metal Jacket. I personally would have thrown in a Rambo, Terminator, or Big Trouble In Little China, but who am I to sit in judgment. 

Team Accufire, represented by Andrew and Austin, competed in the “Carry Optics” Division. Andrew shot a full sized Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm with the Accufire Pistol Combat Optic. Austin shot a Sig Sauer P226 Mk25 with the Accufire Pistol Combat Optic. We did not podium at Cinco De Plinko, but I can guarantee we had more fun than everyone else.

Red Dot optics have revolutionized the pistol world.

Originally used as a close quarters optic for carbines, or for quick and unmagnified aiming at a moving target, the adaptation of red dots for pistols has come a long way in a short period of time. Pistol Red Dots were initially used in competition shooting. The old “race gun” set ups created pistols that, while accurate and fast, were not practical for use outside of competition.

The mounting platforms and optics were large, holsters were nearly impossible to find, and the cost of building one was prohibitive. With the advent of slide cuts and standardized footprints, red dot optics (red dot sight) are now ubiquitous for serious shooters. Once the top tiers of the military and law enforcement got on board with red dot optics and started getting involved in the design and testing, red dots took a huge leap forward. You will be hard pressed to find an optics company that does not offer a red dot of some kind.

Accufire Red Dots

Accufire, while new to the red dot game, has released a line of functional red dot optics that have made a splash across the shooting world. Our Quick Standard Optic, or QSO (pronounced “Queso”), is our rifle red dot optic. It comes standard with a picatinny quick detach mount, and a solar cell that stretches the battery life to 50,000 hours. Our pistol optic is the Pistol Combat Optic, or PCO (pronounced “Pico”). It has an RMR footprint, generous window, four minute auto standby, and shake awake.

There are two other variants in the PCO line: the PCO-S, and the PCO-M. The PCO-S is a solar cell equipped version of the PCO (solar pistol combat optic), all the same great features with a more squared off profile compared to the PCO. The PCO-M is the micro version of the PCO (micro pistol combat optic), it sits on RMSc footprint and is the perfect addition to any compact or carry sized pistol.

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PCO: Pistol Red Dot Sight

The spiciest red dot sight on the market. 20,000-hour battery life, 3 MOA dot, generous window. Pistol Combat Optic, or PCO.


PCO-S: Solar Pistol Red Dot Sight

A punchy red dot sight, the Pistol Combat Optic-Solar, or PCO-S, is everything you love about the PCO, plus solar back up.


PCO-m: Micro Pistol Red Dot Sight

Big bang, small package… you get the idea. This is the powerhouse little brother in our red dot sight line up.