Accufire has partnered with Savior Equipment: So protect your unit, it’s wild out there!

June 9, 2023

Accufire has partnered with Savior Equipment to bring you the best bags to simplify your haul. The OMNIS Spotting Scope Bag is an absolute must for the OMNIS Digital Spotting scope owners. This purpose built, soft side carrying case protects the OMNIS spotting scope during storage or transport. The outer shell is constructed of durable, water-resistant nylon and features MOLLE webbing, allowing the user to pair the case with other accessories based on their specific needs.

Internally, the case is padded to provide a secure, impact resistant, space for the optic. If you currently own an OMNIS spotting scope, or plan to purchase one, the decision to add an OMNIS Scope Savior Bag to your inventory is a no-brainer. To read more about our amazing spotting scope check out our blog.

Savior Equipment for Your Accufire Gear

The Incendis Thermal Clip on Bag from Savior Equipment will protect your Incendis Thermal Clip On optic or your Incendis Pro Thermal Clip On optic without the bulk of a hard side case. This compact, soft side case is purpose built for the dimensions of the Incendis thermal clip on. The exterior is made of durable, water-resistant nylon and has MOLLE webbing which allows the user to pair the case with other bags or MOLLE equipped accessories.

The interior of the bag is padded to create a snug fit, protecting your thermal from the bumps and dings that can happen during storage or transport. If you own an Incendis Thermal Clip On or the Incendis PRO Thermal Clip on, or plan to in the future, grab an Incendis Thermal Savior Bag and protect your investment. The Accufire Incendis Thermal Clip On is the new hotness in thermal optics, visit our blog to learn more.

Savior Equipment bags are packed with features like padded slots; Hook & Loop Lockdown Straps; MultiCam® 1000D Cordura Exterior Shell; Double-Stitched Seams and even a Morale Patch Panel, it’s like they’ve thought of everything! So practice safe shots and don’t go unprotected with Savior bags and other accessories.

An Accufire Incendis bag by Savior Equipment

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Incendis PRO Thermal Clip On

The Incendis Pro Thermal Clip On has 640 core resolution which delivers improved clarity, more powerful zoom capability, and a 1000 meter target identification range.


Incendis Thermal Clip On Bag by Savior

Practice Safe Shots, don’t go unprotected

An Incendis Thermal Clip On

Incendis Thermal Clip On

Featuring the traditional “white hot” and “black hot”, along with the improved red accent, and “green hot,” the Incendis Thermal Clip On has what you need to get the job done. As a standalone optic the Incendis transforms your rifle into a dedicated heat seeking machine.