RMAC 2023 – Accufire Contributes to Prize Pool

June 22, 2023

The Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge, or RMAC, hosted by Utah Airguns, is one of the biggest airgun competitions in the nation. Shooters come from across the globe just so that they can compete in this prestigious event. RMAC has four unique events you can shoot in: 100m benchrest, precision marksman, speed, and big bore, and has two classes, pro

and sportsman, giving everyone a chance to participate no matter their style. During these 5 days, you will not only get to participate in some of the most exhilarating shooting you will ever experience, but you will have the opportunity to meet some incredible people, create new friendships, learn more about the gun industry and the different companies that sponsor RMAC, and maybe even win some prizes.

RMAC and Sons of the Flag

Utah Airguns has many sponsors to help put on the Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge, but they also sponsor an incredible nonprofit organization called Sons of the Flag, who’s aim is to provide for and take care of burn survivors across the country. One of their representatives, Zach Sutterfield, was able to enjoy both RMAC 2022 and 2023. After sharing his story at the awards dinner, RMAC’s sponsors literally stood and donated tens of thousands of dollars to Sons of the Flag.

Some of the sponsors were our web developers 2ACommerce, and DonnyFL. With their help and yours, burn survivors such as Zach have been able to not only live but enjoy their lives again. A big example is Sons of the Flag helping Zach pay for surgeries so he can wear his glasses and shoot his custom built airgun for the first time since the incident in 2018, and has had many more new opportunities opened for him to explore.

Want to Win $20,000?

The 100m benchrest, precision marksman, and speed challenges had a grand prize of $2500, $1000, and $1000 respectively in the sportsman class. The pro class however has a reward of $20,000 for whoever takes place in benchrest and precision, $7500 for speed, and $2000 for big bore. There was also a big raffle that took place at the end of the event this past year, offering a wide variety of goodies shooters could take home with them.

During RMAC 2023, two of these prizes were the Incendis Thermal Clip On, and the Prospectis Evro-12 Rifle Scope. The Incendis Thermal Clip on is a thermal optic that you can easily attach to your rifle, turning it into a heat seeking machine. The Prospectis is a rifle scope that has locking turrets, a fast-mag lever, and a mil-reticle with basic sub tensions.

If you were to go to the Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge for the prizes alone, you would not be disappointed. However, there is so much more to it than just that. With an incredibly hardworking staff of over 30 volunteers and over 50 sponsors, everything that happens at RMAC is cultivated so that the competitors have a very smooth and enjoyable experience.

If you have not shot and airgun before, or haven’t competed, you should highly consider doing so. It is a completely unique experience that many firearm shooters enjoy learning, and is a great way to switch up your classic routine of big booms every time you shoot. It is also a great outlet if you haven’t shot guns before in the past and would like to start up a new hobby, as there are many factors when shooting an airgun that, once learned, will give you a very strong foundation for shooting all kinds of weapons such as wind speed and direction, bullet/pellet drop off, sight alignment, trigger control, and many more.

You can find some great airguns at Utah Airguns, along with all your extra supplies you need such as ammo and air tanks. You can also find some great accessories to accompany your new airgun on our website, such as our digital spotting scope or red dot sight, to thoroughly equip you for the new world of airguns you are about to enter.

Whether shooting for competition, hunting, or just fun, airguns are a blast, but there is something unique about the culture of competition. If you have not competed before, you should consider looking into it, and the Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge is a great place to start. Whether you get first in pro winning yourself $20000, or dead last in sportsman, you will have the time of your life, and will build strong connections with your fellow shooters, opening up a new door in life you will never want to walk out of.

Accufire winner at RMAC 2023 with owner of 2ACommerce Greg Tanacea
Accufire winner at RMAC 2023 with owner of 2ACommerce Greg Tanacea

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