Prospectis TANGO-8

|PRE-SALE| TANGO-8 1-8x24 FFP (MSRP $939)

The Tango-8 is Accufire's glimpse into the perfect scope for competitors. The Accufire CQB-Comp reticle draws your eye to the center for fast precise shooting. The first focal plane reticle allows the shooter to extend most rifles out to 700 yards with relative ease. With a fully illuminated circle and the horseshoe focal point, the reticle offers the same fast acquisition and shooting out to 300 yards as the Echo-6. Even as a first focal plane optic, Accufire maintains a generous eye-box for demanding situations. Whether at 1x or 8x, the scope's reticle allows shooters to immediately focus on their target. At just 1.2 pounds, the Tango-8 keeps things fast and lightweight. 


Pre-sale runs from October 8, 2020 to November 1, 2020. At midnight the prices on our website will go to MSRP pricing. We highly encourage you to have your local optics dealer get in contact with our sales team to get the best price after November 1. 

Delivery is expected by Thanksgiving 2020!

$ 759.05

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