Prospectis ATRO-20


The Prospectis ATRO-20 gives you everything you need for almost any situation. 



The Prospectis ATRO-20 provides all of the features of other scopes on the market. With a 50mm objective allowing low mounting options, and an 8x magnification adjustment range allowing a full 2.5x to 20x magnification range, this scope has all the features you need. The reticle gives you a full range of utilization, including minute details, without clouding your field of view. At the lowest magnification, the reticle presents a clear crosshair. With over 36 mils of overall elevation adjustment and built-in 20 mils of the reticle, the Tango-20 gives you the range you need for almost any situation.

The ATRO-20 features:

  • Fully illuminated reticle
  • Ranging subtensions
  • 34mm one-piece tube
  • Fast-mag lever
  • ZRT locking turrets