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Thank you for your interest in Accufire.

We welcome all outdoor enthusiasts to participate in the Accufire Pro-Staff Program. This is an “at will” service program performed by team members who want to help spread the word about the value of Accufire products to hunters and anglers.  Pro-Staff members must be at least 18 years of age and have significant followings in at least two of the following social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter).

The Accufire Pro-Staff Program involves three tiers of status based on contribution.  

  1. Accufire Pro-Staff Ambassadors represent Accufire by regularly sharing of their personal experience in the field with Accufire products through social media, personal relationships and word of mouth.  Pro-Staff Ambassadors are eligible for a discount of 50% off on all Accufire products for their personal use.  Pro-Staff can also earn free goods by referring people to 
  2. Accufire Pro-Staff Elite Team represent Accufire in all the ways that Pro-Staff Ambassadors do, but at a higher level.  Pro-Staff Elite Team members are enthusiastic Accufire advocates who love to share the benefits of Accufire’s unique products and they do it effectively with measurable results.  Pro-Staff Elite Team members promote Accufire product frequently and effectively through their extensive social media communities.  They can often be found helping at Accufire tradeshows and events.  Accufire Pro-Staff Elite Team members are eligible to get select Accufire products at no charge from time to time and can also participate in higher level promotions and contests that involve attractive prizes like exclusive Accufire hunts.
  3. Accufire Pro-Staff Advisory Team represent Accufire in all the ways that Pro-Staff Elite Team members do, but in addition, they provide Accufire with feedback on new products under development and make other significant recommendations to improve our company.  They make strategically key introductions to us which advance our business interests.  They sometimes make investments in the company.  They typically have access to large communities of hunters through popular TV shows or very large followings on social media, to which they promote Accufire.  Ultimately, they contribute to the success of Accufire in highly significant and diverse ways.  As our most exclusive Pro-Staff level, Advisory Team members get Accufire products at no charge, they get an inside look at what’s going on at Accufire, they participate in awards and contests that are available only to our Advisory team and they get to participate in Accufire events at the highest levels and generally operate as a Accufire “insider”.

Virtually all Pro-Staff members start as Ambassadors and those who show themselves worthy, through high contribution, can advance quickly to higher levels of Pro-Staff recognition.


Requirements of Accufire Pro-Staff Ambassadors

  1. All Accufire Pro-Staff must take the time to understand the features and benefits of the scopes and their proper use (we encourage all Pro-Staff to watch the videos in our video center.)
  2. Video contributions: Shot in Landscape (horizontal) view and sent to
    1. One short video (perhaps upon receipt and unpacking of scopes) that discusses the scopes and why you think they are better.
    2. Videos of you using the scope hunting.  Again, here is where proper technique is important. If improper use is demonstrated, the video cannot be used.
    3. Upon receipt of your scope, you will receive an automatic request from Accufire to review the scope.  Please write at least one honest and frank reviews for product received on our Facebook page.  We are always open to honest, constructive criticism so that we can improve.  Be sure to contact us if you feel that any of our products are not performing as expected so that we can offer any advice on technique or take any corrective action that may be called for.

Please submit photos of you with your animals so we can post them on our website.   We would also really appreciate receiving any photos of you or your hunting buddies putting our scopes to work.  For the photo to be most useful for us it should be as “general audience friendly” as possible, otherwise our posts can be blocked by Facebook and other social media sites.  We would appreciate photos as often as you can send them.  It’s really great for us to be able to see our scopes in action.

3. Like our facebook page and please post comments there:

  1. Social Media Posts:  Including hashtags: #Accufire, #Accufirescopes, #predatorbewarned, #accufirenightvision and the url: Accufiretech.comand @Accufiretech 
    1. We encourage Pro-Staff to shoot for at least two facebook posts per month, one with our promo video and one article with video or photo pertaining to Accufire scopes.  Pro-Staff members are in charge of the scheduling and posting of content.  Please notify us when posting so we can share your posts on our social media sites as well.  

Please fill out the following Pro-Staff Membership Application.  Be sure to provide complete information.  For example, when providing social media links, please provide the complete link which can be followed by clicking it.

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