Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Will the screen reflect light?
Yes. However, brightness can be controlled in the menu and the scope includes a red filter to prevent predators from seeing any reflection. 

2.    Will the screen instead of a tube make it harder to stabilize?  
 the Accufire specially designed Cheek rest, you'll be able to hold the rifle in your most comfortable position and stabilize the rifle.

3.    What’s the battery life?
With Accufire rechargeable CR123, the scope can last 5 hours. If you are using our rechargeable battery bank, it can last up to 18 hours.

4.    Where can I see the scope?

     You can contact us or check our dealer map.  If we don't have a dealer in your area, please email us at and we will put you in contact with one of our prostaffers in your area. 

5.    How far can the scope see at night?

By using Accufire IR300 Illuminator, you can see very clear at 300 yards. We will offer a longer distance IR illuminator in the near future.

6.    Can I mount it on cross-bow?

Yes. Our testers have mounted it on cross-bow and it works great.

7.    What’s the warranty on the scope?

We offer a 2 year limited warranty. If you want to protect your product for a longer period of time, we offer an extended warranty plan.

8.    What generation is the night vision?

The scope is not a tube-based system. It’s digital, so this doesn't apply.

9.    What’s the maximum recoil?

The Maximum recoil is 800G. We have tested the scope on 458 socom, 12 guage shooting 3 inch magnums, 7mm remington magnums, and 338 win mags. 

10. Do you offer military discount?

      Yes. Please contact us through email or phone for military discount. 

11. How can i upgrade the scope?

     Step 1: Download firmware to SD card. Step 2: Insert SD card to scope. Step 3: Turn on scope, then long press to enturn menu. Step 4: Select update icon and press to select. Step 5: Select yes, and wait for upgrade to complete. You will need to re-sight in your scope after upgrade. (Note: please make sure the firmware has the right name: Noctis_V1-sw-firmware-r0.0.1.bin )