SHOT Show 2023 was an overwhelming success for Accufire Technology. From the opening morning at Range Day to the closing bell on Friday, Team Accufire had an incredible show. We were able to spend time with some of our favorite industry partners and forge new relationships that will be very exciting moving forward.  Industry Day… Continue reading SHOT SHOW WRAP UP

The Terminal List – our Incendis thermal optic is in!

Like many of you, I am an avid consumer of thriller novels.  As a teen I was introduced to the world of spies and assassins by Ludlum, Clancy, and Fleming. Through the years I have expanded my library to include Le Carre, Flynn, Thor, Taylor, Silva, Morell and others. The idea of the “rough man, ready to do violence” has resonated with audiences for decades and many readers have spent their nights with a favorite beverage in one hand, and a favorite novel in the other.