Accufire’s “Triple Threat Throwdown” Team Sniper Competition, the first of many

May 8, 2023


Three words that, when used together can mean only one thing: Insane shooting stages, fierce competition, and badass prizes with the crew at Accufire Tech. Okay, that might have been more than one, but I don’t get paid to do math, so let’s just move right along. Last month, Accufire Technology hosted its first ever team sniper competition, the “Triple Threat Throwdown.” The two day event was held at the “Mudders, Ballers, and Rock Crawlers” off road park outside Jacksboro, Texas. Each day the teams moved through multiple stages designed to test a wide variety of marksmanship skills. The stages contained a combination of Primary Sniper targets engaged with a long rifle, Spotter targets engaged with a carbine, and pistol targets engaged by one or both shooters. Accufire’s very own Josh Cavalier, or just ‘Cav’ as he is better known, developed the concept for the competition.

Those that know Cav can attest to his twisted sense of humor, and this course proved it. He pushed the teams to their limits and even the most seasoned competitors found a few surprises throughout the weekend. If variety is the spice of life, then Cav sprinkled his special blend on this course. From eighty yard pistol targets to one set that required both shooters to synchronize on a swinging target, we can confidently say that this course had stages that none of our competitors had ever seen before. We can’t give it all away, but suffice it to say that nobody got bored at the Triple Threat Throwdown.

The weather was cold and windy in the mornings, hot and sunny in the afternoons, exactly what you want for a long weekend of precision shooting. But the shooters were a hearty bunch and came ready to rock at every stage. The competitors walked from stage to stage, carrying their rifles and equipment on their backs. In total each competitor walked over three miles on the weekend. On Saturday morning, before the shooters got to know each other and loosened up the conversations were polite and most teams kept to themselves. That did not last long. By lunchtime Saturday there was some very healthy “banter” between the teams and a few rivalries emerged that carried through the weekend.

The field of competitors was a true cross section of the shooting community. The group was represented by multiple time International Sniper Competition finalists, a veterinarian and an attorney, expert firearms builders, active duty snipers, and a few good old fashioned civilians. The level of experience was all over the map. One shooter was competing for the first time, several teams were long-time shooters but first time partners, and more than a few have spent considerable time down range doing the real thing. The Accufire team appreciated all of the competitors and look forward to expanding the field in the future.

Shooting competitions are judged on three things: how tricky the courseis, how tough the competitors are, and how good the prize table is. The Triple Threat Throwdown course was not for the faint of heart, the competition was stiff, and the prize table was a cornucopia of goodness. Event sponsors we were able to put together some really great stuff that the competitors were excited to get their hands on. As the host and title sponsor, Accufire loaded the table with new red dot sights, the OMNIS Digital Spotting Scope, and a variety of traditional rifle scopes. Stand 1 Armory put lots of ammo on the table, STA Blades sent an incredible hand made knife, Q provided a voucher for a Jumbo Shrimp suppressor, and MDT piled up quite the collection of rifle upgrades and mounds of swag. Nobody walked away empty handed, every competitor went home with an Accufire Red Dot Pistol Optic- the PCO or the read dot solar pistol optic – PCO-S in addition to their haul from the table. Accufire would like to extend a huge thank you to all of their event sponsors who made the prize table awesome and gave all of the competitors a reason to come back and bring friends.

Thanks again to everyone who made the Triple Threat Throwdown a success. Thank you to “Mudders, Ballers, and Rock Crawlers” for allowing this great event to take place at your venue, and most of all to the competitors who came and spent the weekend shooting with the Accufire Team. The Team is looking forward to planning future competitions with crazier stages, more competitors, and of course, lots of kick ass prizes.

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