Accufire Thermal

Accufire Thermal with 384X288 core

Accufire Technology's compact thermal optic delivers superior image quality in a modular package. The Therminator can operate as a standalone optic, handheld tracker, and forward-mounted. Like other Accufire products, the Therminator boasts impressive specs.

  • Core Resolution: 384x288
  • Display Resolution: 1024x768
  • Frame Rate: 60 NTSC
  • Objective Lens: 30mm
  • Magnification: 1x, 2x, 4x
  • Heat Display: White Hot, Black Hot, Red Accent, and Green Hot
  • Objective Lens: Focus Adjustable
  • Shutter: Shutter and Shutterless Nuke
  • Weight: 14.85 oz.
  • Battery: Pack and CR123 (~4 hrs)

$ Coming soon

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Accufire Infrared light IR300
$ 89

Accufire IR300 Infrared Illuminator

  • 300 hundred yards effective illumination range
  • Mode: 3 Modes from Low - Mid - High
  • Battery: 2 x 18650 rechargeable battery, Included
32gb SD Card with firmware update
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32gb SD Card with firmware update

Accufire Noctis V1 Full Kit
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Accufire Noctis V1 Full Kit

  • Package Include: Accufire Noctis V1 digital day/night HD digital rifle scope, IR300 illuminator, Batteries, mount.