Accufire Noctis V1

Accufire Noctis V1

The Accufire Noctis V1 has been designed to deliver a highly accurate and customizable infrared night vision optic at an accessible price. The Noctis V1, a 1-16x magnification digital rifle-scope with an ultra-bright screen for day use, and HD quality night vision quickly sights in like a traditional scope and easily stores presets of ballistic solutions for a library of different firearms or ammo types.

Save-able presets, easy zero, and ballistic calculations combine to create an experience that makes the Noctis V1 the only digital scope you need across firearms of all types.

In addition to the incredibly smart onboard computer, the Noctis V1 provides 50 downloadable reticles to satisfy any application the hunter may require. With the scope's viewing quality combined with a battery life of 5 hours, the Noctis V1 is the ultimate nighttime hunting solution. The Noctis V1 can also be set to record HD footage regardless of available light and offers the advantage of built in wifi for shareable streaming and GPS.

Package comes with: 1 digital day/night rifle scope, 1 red lens filter, 1 clear lens filter, 1 shade cover.

$ 1499.00

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