Noctis TR1

|PRE-SALE| Noctis TR1 (MSRP $999)

Accufire Technology's new optic offers a compact digital night vision scope with traditional mounting options allowing the end-user to utilize all of Accufire's built-in technology, including smart range finder, color correction tech, auto-ballistics, intuitive menu, unparalleled recoil rating, and a plethora of HD recording and streaming options to record your hunt.

Accufire's compact optic form factor allows the scope to be mounted on a majority of quick-detachable mounts and return-to-zero mounts, providing the shooter with their choice of not only optic heights but also the ability to switch optics quickly while maintaining zero.

Magnification: 1X - 16 X
FOV: 31.2 ft at 100 meters
Objective Lens: 60mm
Display: 1024x768 OLED Eye Relief: 52mm Recording Resolution: 1920x1080 Audio Recording: Yes Ballistic Calculator: Auto Drop Compensator WIFI: Streaming and Gallery Mode Range Finder: Accufire Smart Range Finder Weight: 36.4ounces Battery: Lithium Rechargeable

Pre-sale runs from October 8, 2020 to November 1, 2020. At midnight the prices on our website will go to MSRP pricing. We highly encourage you to have your local optics dealer get in contact with our sales team to get the best price after November 1. 

Delivery is expected by Thanksgiving 2020!

$ 806.55

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